My Top 5 Shopping Tips

1. DO NOT go shopping on an empty stomach!
It is proven that you are more likely to buy things that you don’t need and that are unhealthy for both your body and your pocket when you go shopping on an empty stomach! Grocery stores know the power of the sweet smell of freshly baked goodies. A single sniff can ignite your appetite and send even the toughest shopper down the aisle grabbing for anything that looks good!

2. Make a list before going shopping.
They call it impulse buying for a reason. Most of us have a very tough time resisting the temptation to purchase extras while shopping. Sticking to a well thought-out shopping list will help you cut down on grabbing for things that you do not need. Without a list you may buy items that you simply do not need or worse – you may only realise later that you forgot to purchase what you actually went to the store for and may then have to make another trip and face even more temptation. Make a list and stick to it!

3. Rebates, Loyalty Programs, Coupons – Take Advantage of all of them!
You can save hundreds of Rands a year by taking advantage of product incentives and loyalty programs. Choose stores and service providers that have them! I love this country! You can get paid for just about anything! You can get paid to keep fit, get paid for buying healthy foods, get rewarded for frequently shopping for things that you need (and will spend on anyway even if they didn’t pay you!) so why not take the money?! Take advantage of all the loyalty programs at your disposal and you may cut an average of 10 percent off your budget for each shopping trip.

4. DO try out the Store Brands – You May Like Them!
Does it really matter whether your cereal is made by an international brand or is the store brand? Does it matter if your milk is imported from New Zealand or is packaged locally under the store brand? Companies have worked hard to improve their private-label brands and often the taste is equal to the large national and international brands. Do not be afraid to experiment. Find what works for you and you may save up to 40% off your annual grocery bill.

5. Watch the Scanner.
Yes this may seem like micro-managing and yes it may mean that you need to put down the magazine that you usually read at the till but this is no place to be lax. Keeping your eyes on the scanner as the cashier punches away will not only make the cashier more alert, but will allow you to stop the checkout process if an item is showing the incorrect price too. And yes these ‘incorrect price’ and ‘billing one item twice’ mistakes happens more often than you can imagine. Being alert will save you some valuable Rands!

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