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What is Love?

February, the “month of Love”…

Thats a lot of pressure for a lot of people! Those in relationships may feel pressure to ‘impress and shine’ on Valentine’s Day by doing what they haven’t done before in the past for loved ones (whether they can afford it or not). Whilst those who are single may feel the pressure of not having ‘that special someone’ to do special things for them.

But do we really need a special day to show our loved ones that we love them? And can love only come from a particular ‘significant person’? I certainly don’t think so! Having had quite a major medical operation last month I was reminded that love is everywhere and should be shown and shared everyday through all the love I received from family and friends. I share snippets of this in my January Gratitude Video.

Love Yourself First 
We celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary last month and were privileged to be interviewed by the Zambia Daily Mail on HOW WE MET . Going through the questions really made me introspect on how important loving oneself first is in enabling healthy relationships. You can read the full article here
I therefore urge you this ‘month of love’ to be kind to yourself, to love yourself and to share the kind of love that no amount of presents could substitute by being fully present for your loved ones – everyday…


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