Message from Brad Magrath on my first year anniversary as Managing Director for Zoona Zambia

Message from Brad Magrath on my first year anniversary as Managing Director for Zoona Zambia



Very few things leave me speechless. This message from Brad Magrath, sent to the whole company on my first year anniversary as Managing Director of Zoona Zambia just left me speechless (and of course in tears for those that know me 😀 ). Brad is one of the Founders and currently Chief Commercial Officer of the Zoona Group and I report to him. I humbled and grateful. Oh and the ‘letter’ he is referring to in the first sentence is the monthly regional hub newsletter we just launched today by coincidence 😉 :


To all

So today is the exact day of Lelemba being the Zambia MD for one year – so I hope this letter is really monthly and not annually.
What a year it has been. It has flown by.
To me it has been one of growth, pride, commitment, courage but most of all transition to a Zambian company committed to execution, opportunity and also a level of staff commitment to both personal and company growth and development.
If I have Six words to describe how I am personally motivated by working with Lelemba they are:
  • Trust – To anyone who reports to or works with Lelemba you can always trust her and that is so important in business and life
  • Aspiration – Lelemba has been brave enough and honest enough to share her story and journey and that has through its merit seen her become a leader and role model to both our office and others – my daughter even has her as one of her 5 most respected leaders she aspires to be like, as do many young women who will be inspired by her as a role model
  • Fairness – The very first time Lelemba took on the Magrath brothers was in an instance where she felt we were not being fair to someone. She absolutely stood her ground that day and has done so everyday since. Importantly, that fairness is never weakness – just fairness on both sides – you can count on her for that no matter what the circumstances
  • Performance – whether it is called “military style” or execution, Lelemba makes sure the magic happens and that substance is hugely critical to a business like ours
  • Diva – to be able to reach for the stars and yet still be so grounded takes a special person and team – I sometimes wonder if Lele stays grounded by having those stiletto heels so sharp that they are stuck in the African gravel
  • Family – Having spent time with Sandras and the kids, and how Lelemba “speaks Zoona Famliy” – in her mails and letters – family is at the heart of how she sees the world – and that works for me.
So as we grow and evolve and move forward – I would say as your first year as MD you have set a marker and I have every confidence you will continue to be a leader we will follow.

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  1. Sandras

    Awww! This is so touching and so true. Thank you Brad. Lele, congratulations on everything you’ve achieved, everything you are and everything you stand for. Much love

  2. Laureen

    Wow Lele! What an awesome message and vote of confidence for the DIVA that you are and the wonderful work you’re doing at Zoona! So proud of you!!!

  3. Pam

    Well done Diva!! So true about remaining grounded…honoured to have you in my circle – so inspirational xx

  4. Charity

    Wow! How so very true! I am also like Brad’s daughter, when i grow up, i wanna be be just like you Lele! Lol

  5. Jade

    This is so true!

    I felt inspired since the moment I met you and continue to feel that way whenever I interact with you. I feel privileged to share time and space with a woman so empowered and I am amazed by your humility. Keep at it Lele!

  6. Noku Katom

    I will forever bless the day I met you!

  7. Kelvin Nawa

    Whao!!! Great words there from Brad.This is a point in life where you realize the impact your life has made in people’s lives around you.Lele it’s good to get results of the influence you life has done on people.I am inspired by your goal getting skills.keep it up and remember your God is in total control.

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