What Sandras thinks…

The start – June 2005                             The wedding – January 2006                                November 2009

Sandras and I first met in March 2005, in Lusaka Zambia when I moved into the flat right above his. He was 27 years old and I was 25 years old. We got married 10 months later in January 2006. We had dated for 7 out of those 10 months.

One of the first things that attracted me to him was his mind. He was mature, intelligent and ambitious. He had a certainty about where he was going as a person and was bold and pioneering. He was also complete within himself and was confident enough to allow me to be myself too. I was taken!

Today he is still those things and more to me.

Sandras has a love for people development. He has an amazing life story himself and is an avid reader and student of life. He brings this wealth of knowledge and life experiences to his work as inspirational speaker, writer and life coach. He is also an innovative entrepreneur. Together we co-founded the Sandras and Lelemba Institute with a mission to inspire and educate people globally to realize ever greater potential.

I love Sandras’ mind. In a lot of ways we think very similarly and in others we don’t. This has been beneficial to us because we complement each other well. We also challenge and support each other in our individual work and as a team.

This section will share what Sandras thinks on different topics. Each month I will ask him a question on one aspect of life and he will share his thoughts here.

I invite you to comment, ask questions and suggest topics that you would like to hear Sandras talk about.

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