D.I.V.A of the Month – September 2010

D.I.V.A of the Month – September 2010

Stella Otim from Entebbe, Uganda discovers that setting goals is a key ingredient to becoming financially savvy!

Stella Otim

Lelemba: So who is Stella?
Stella: I am a 32 year old woman living in Entebbe, Uganda. I work full time in the in the flower industry and I also run my own business called Sta Decors on a part-time basis. My business specialises in decoration services for parties; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, introductions (Kwanjula ceremony) and corporate functions. We can help you plan for your functions and also hire out chairs, tents, tables linen.

Lelemba: When did you start Sta Decors?
Stella: I started Sta Décor in 2006 and bit by bit it is growing. I did not have much capital when I started and I had to work with the little I had. I am optimistic that I will reap great profits this year.

Lelemba: Stella you were one of the first people that did the online version of the Financial Bootcamp 101™ workshop which is offered by the Sandras and Lelemba Institute, in May 2009. Can you tell us about that experience and how it helped you?
Stella: I had been frustrated with my financial situation before I got hold of the workshop material. I was feeling as though my finances were somewhat out of control. After working through the course I was excited and confident that I could take better control of my money. I developed a money consciousness and began to religiously record my expenses. I wanted to know exactly how much I was spending each month.

I also immediately started saving and I set some savings goals to work towards. Firstly I wanted to save for a laptop to use for my school work and in my business, and secondly, I wanted to save for a Masters degree that I was planning to enrol for in the following year.

Read the rest of Stella’s story here.

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  1. Ciku

    Sta, my STAR!
    You are awesome. Thats a truly inspirational story there, YOU ARE a real D. I. V. A.!! Thanks for sharing and God Bless you abundantly.
    Lele, this is great. Keep up the great work.

  2. Cathy Ouma

    Hi I am very impressed and proud of your hard work keep the dream alive wekk dove

  3. Hadijah Mukasa

    Thumbs up Stella,I cannot wait to see you drive that Range Rover!

  4. Stella

    Hadijah – You remember our trip in our yacht around AFRICA. yeah can’t wait. thanks

    Cathy thanks dream with me darling

  5. Rose Namakula

    Wow Sta* I knew you were capable of being a real Star! Keep in up girl, the sky is the limit.

  6. Lelemba

    Thank you everyone for the comments. Sta is indeed a real D.I.V.A. I look forward to hearing your unique stories too.

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