D.I.V.A of the Month – March 2011

D.I.V.A of the Month – March 2011
Shamilar Aidah, from Kampala, Uganda talks about achieving her goals despite the challenges of being a single mum!

Lelemba: Who is Shamilar?
Shamilar: I am a fun loving, outgoing person that enjoys making friends from all walks of life. I work as an Administrator in a media company and I love what I do. I am a single parent to a beautiful 13 year old daughter called Neona. She is my life and gives me purpose. I also just completed a Bachelor of Office and Information Management degree from Makerere University Business School.  This has been a plus for me as and it is important for me to set a good example for my daughter.

Lelemba: Wow that’s fantastic! Congratulations. How did you manage to juggle school with work and home life especially being a single mum?
Shamilar: I used to go to school every evening after work.  I did this for the past 5 years and am so glad it is over! In fact Neona must be the happiest kid around town because even though she goes to a boarding school, we wouldn’t get to spend a lot of time together when she was at home on holiday. But now we do and are like sisters. She tells me everything and we have reached a point where we are both very open to each other. We also enjoy the same things most times and so do stuff like watch movies together even though she sometimes gets impatient and will watch a few without me. 🙂

Lelemba: It’s lovely that you still have such a special relationship with your daughter despite the fact that over the last 5 years you were busy with school. You mention that she is in boarding school; how did you make the decision to take her to a boarding school? Was it a hard choice and how is she faring?

Shamilar: I went to boarding school myself when I was just 6 years old. However making the decision to take her to boarding school was still not easy for me but I had to due to circumstances prevailing at that time. Before then, my mother used to drive Neona and my niece Lynna to school but this meant that mum had to wake up very early to do the school runs and at some point she couldn’t manage the routine and requested that I do something about it. I did not have a car (let alone know how to drive) and truly sympathized with my mother especially because of her old age and so I made the decision to take my daughter to a boarding school. She didn’t like the first school and I had to move her to another school. I am glad to say that she loves her current school and has never wanted to leave.

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