The African D.I.V.A.s Funds

Social Promise

10% of revenues from the Financial Management and Business Development programs will go towards four funds for education and enterprise development causes for women. These funds will be administered by established NGOs that are already working with women in the respective causes. The allocated revenue percentage will be split equally amongst the following funds:

The African D.I.V.A.s Seed Fund: This fund will support educational causes for girls in Primary and Secondary School. We believe that a strong education foundation is key in producing strong women change makers. We see this phase as the seed phase for our beautiful D.I.V.A.s as they are solidly planted into a good foundation.
Administrator: Organizing for Africa

The African D.I.V.A.s Budding Fund: This fund will support bridging education for girls who have matriculated (completed secondary school education) and are preparing for tertiary education. A lot of girls coming from underprivileged homes and communities fail to get integrated into life at tertiary level not because of a lack of intelligence but because of the poor basic education standards they had received in their communities and also because of lack of prior exposure to life outside their communities. A sudden move can not only be a culture shock but an intellectual feat that is hard to climb over.

We believe that bridging education which supports them both academically and socially is the answer to this. We call this the budding phase for our beautiful D.I.V.A.s as they are prepared for integration.
Administrator: South Africa Education Program

– The African D.I.V.A.s Flower Fund: This fund will support girls in Tertiary School who are studying business and entrepreneurship related courses. We believe that entrepreneurship and enterprise development is the key to alleviating the large social and economic gaps that we have in Africa. Therefore the more women we have studying towards this the better. We call this phase the flower phase for our beautiful D.I.V.A.s as they come into their own.
Administrator: South Africa Association of Women Graduates

The African D.I.V.A.s Garden Fund: This fund will support enterprise development for women at grass root level. Women are the custodians of society and we believe investing in them and their income generating initiatives is investing in the society as a whole. We call this the garden phase for our beautiful D.I.V.A.s as they often plant so much of their returns back into their communities.
Administrator: WHEAT Trust


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