Become an Affiliate Partner of the African D.I.V.A.s

Partner Promise

We have an exciting opportunity for you and your network to join hands with us and become part of the solution that puts Africa back on the map. The African D.I.V.A.s will be working with African women across the continent that aspire to greater things, to empower them with the necessary skills and tools that will enable them to discover and unleash the D.I.V.A within and also make a big impact in their communities. We will transform Africa one woman at a time and make it a shining example of what can happen when women are empowered.

We are looking for suitable individuals and women’s networks to come on board as affiliate partners and work hand in hand with us in our quest to cultivate and celebrate African D.I.V.A.s.

Costs and Benefits

– Partnering with us is free of charge and as an affiliate partner you and your network will qualify to earn unlimited income in form of commissions via our lucrative affiliate system on all our products and service.

– You can earn up to 40% of revenues on our services and profits on our products. At the same time, your sales will be making a direct contribution into someone else’s life too because an additional 10% of your sales will go towards the African D.I.V.A.s funds for educating young women and developing women led grass root enterprises (not taken from your commissions).

Commission Structure

Level 1: Earn 30% of revenues for referring 1-20 people to our products and services

Level 2: Earn 35% of revenues for referring 21-50 people to our products and services

Level 3: Earn 40% of revenues for referring >50 people to our products and services

– You and your network will have access to high level training and support at highly discounted rates from us and our local and international partners, to enable you to be more effective in your life and work as your personal success is important to us. You will also receive additional FREE and exclusive products and services.

– As a BONUS you have the option to receive increased local and international marketing exposure for you and your network from us via several media channels.

Additional Income Generating Opportunity

As an affiliate partner you have the opportunity to come on board as a product or service provider should your product or service be in line with our enterprise promise and meet our criteria.


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