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Are you a D.I.V.A? Do you want to BE, DO and GIVE MORE?

We work with women who are aspiring to greater things but feel overwhelmed, imprisoned or stuck in their circumstances, to empower them to breakthrough with practical tools and support systems ranging from books, workshops, coaching and other products that enable them to discover and unleash the D.I.V.A within.

One of our clients that was living in England, felt really stuck in the day to day bump and grind of life but just after six months of working with us was able to turn her life around, move back to Africa and is pursuing her dreams.

We believe that when you transform a woman, she can transform her community and together we can transform Africa and the world.

Are you ready to get transformed?

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There is a limit to what one can get but not to what one can give.

You can give by:

–      Contributing money directly into the African D.I.V.A.s funds (Tax and BEE certificates available for givers)

–      Sponsoring a participant for a training program

–      Donating your skills and/or time to the African D.I.V.A.s initiative and/or its NGO partners

–      Telling us about a D.I.V.A whose story can inspire others

–      Spreading the word!

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