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Goodbye 2014

Just finished creating our family dream board for 2015. Thank you Roger James Hamilton for the awesome idea! It was so much fun to share as a family what we want to achieve in the coming year. We spent the first few minutes sharing what we were grateful for in 2014 and then created the dream board.

If this is something you and your family would like to try, this is the simple process: Get pens and paints and start writing your dreams for 2015 on the board. Rotate the paper 90 degrees every 5 mins X 4 times so that in 20 mins all your dreams are mixed up together. You then video record what each person put down and review that at the end of the year (or quarterly if you like) to see how much of it was achieved. It’s great fun to do and share with each other.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to making 2014 an awesome year for me. Contrary to the belief that ‘women do not support each other’ I have seen lots of genuine support amongst women and have received loads of love this year from women in Zambia and across Africa, Crystal Circle, Girl Effect Accelerator, the Zoona divas and all the wonderful women across the globe that sent me messages of support. To you all I say thank you and God bless.

A big thank you also to the wonderful men in my life; my husband Sandras, my sons Mwenda and Mwai, my dad Andrew, the Zoona Men and all the awesome men in Zambia and around the world who’ve given me support. Let’s rock 2015!

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