Live Your Best Life Online Mentorship Program

Every year, for the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of choosing and working with a number of women to support them with achieving their goals, either through mentorship, workshops or through working together in some capacity or the other. I say it is a priviliege because I have gained from these relationships as much as I have given, with most of them becoming life long friendships. I believe there is so much power in sharing our experiences and stories and so this year I have decided to do something different!


This year I have decided to open up the opportunity to support and work with women from across the globe. Like why limit it to my physical location when technology enables us to interact anywhere anytime right? The only catch is that this opportunity is only open to the first 30 people that sign up and pay the highly discounted rate of $24 for the 6 month program. YES you heard that right! $24 for the full 6 month partnership!

The program will commence on Monday 12th February 2018


  • Because I am looking to test the effectiveness of the online approach with this first group and co-create content that is most relevant to the group. So whilst we will cover a set number of areas – the actual content shared within each topic will be driven by what people want most.
  • Also as this will very much be a co-creation process – I don’t want price to be what prevents people who really want to shift their lives from taking part in the inaugural program

You can sign up for the program here


Every month we will:

  • Cover a topic of choice via a short video.
  • The video will be accompanied by more detailed notes, tips and exercises to work through during the month.
  • Group members will get a chance to ask further questions on the topic of the month
  • The group will vote for their top 3 questions to be answered each month and I will then address those questions in further details during the month
  • Willing group members will also get to share their experiences on the topic to make the experience richer!


Topics will include but not limited to:

  • Designing the life you desire
  • Becoming financial fit
  • Career development and growing your leadership ability
  • The balancing act – how to juggle our many roles as women
  • Learning how to set inspiring goals that you can achieve
  • Discover your gold mine – yes you are sitting on a gold mine!


For the woman who wants to:

  • Be more,
  • Do more,
  • Have more,
  • Contribute more,
  • Empower all areas of her life and live her best life!

You can sign up for the program here


Elizabeth is a member of one of the ladies groups I mentor and at the beginning of 2017, the group decided they wanted to take things to the next level by saving together for their individual goals.

Elizabeth is 24yrs and works in a call center and her goal was to save for an international vacation. She was disciplined throughout the year and never skipped a single month of saving and in fact went the extra mile to top up her savings in some of the months. She also worked through the festive season #gogyal.

Earlier this month she sent me this note with pictures from her vacation in Zanzibar:
“I am so excited and feel like I have just started living life now. Growing up I always wanted to travel and now that I have opened the door by ticking this goal, I feel bold to travel all around the world by God’s grace. I feel it’s important for a human being to love themselves first and enjoy every moment at every age of one’s life. I realised that I am important and should never wait for someone to do things for me and I can do everything for myself because I value myself. Thank you. You inspire me.” #yass ????????

Now over to you: What’s your big goal for 2018? How badly do you want it? How committed will you be to making it happen?

You can sign up for the program here

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