Why I love my work


I am grateful to be doing what I love in my work everyday. This is a message we received today from one of our top Zoona agents Misozi (pictured in the pink top above) after a Zoona sponsored trip to Cape Town last month. Makes the time I spend working so worth it! Thanks Misozi

“Dear Management,

I would like to thank you for the great opportunity you gave me a week ago. Cape Town is beautiful place and I had a great time, both for entertainment (especially the Eminem concert) and learning (story boards and Zoona cash) .
Zoona is doing a wonderful job at empowering us the youth into becoming entrepreneurs. 

Two years ago, I didn’t see it possible for me to be my own boss, have a great team I work with and provide a great service to my community and my country at large.  But through Zoona, all this has been possible and now I see myself doing greater things.

Thank you once again, am excited to tell my story and boast a little to my tellers that I had mohito’s with the MD and  founder of Zoona (Lelemba and Brad) at the beach with my feet in the sand as we watched the sun set!. 


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