Empower Yourself: Vocational

Vocation: an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or for which they are suited, trained or qualified.’ Wikipedia

Often we find ourselves in jobs we don’t like or aren’t suited to. And understandably so as many of us picked our careers in our late teens, just after high school when we barely knew who we were. However seeing as we spend a big part of our lives ‘working’ it is important to continuously empower ourselves vocationally in order to live a fulfilled life.

Vocational empowerment is about 3 things:

  1. Doing what your love: This means periodically asking ourselves questions like ‘Am I doing what I love for a living?’ ‘Is this really what I am specially drawn to?’ and being honest about the answers. Roger Hamilton says “If you are doing anything that feels like hard work, you have not yet found your path to success”
  2. Loving what you do: If it turns out that you aren’t doing what you love, think about how you can and actively work towards it. Meanwhile how about making the decision to love what you do? You can do this by listing all the ‘good things’ that your current job provides you and being grateful for it. Remember – the more grateful we are, the more we will get to be grateful for.
  3. Getting well paid for it: This is about knowing your worth, delivering quality service and continuously working to improve yourself so that you can not only demand your worth but deserve it too.

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