D.I.V.A of the Month

D.I.V.A of the Month – October 2011

D.I.V.A of the Month – October 2011

Dawn LB, the sensational Nigerian singer from London, England tells us about launching her career in a ‘new land’.

Lelemba: Who is Dawn?
Dawn: Dawn is a multi-talented singer and writer, with a natural up beat outlook to life. I believe in love, peace, everything that has inner beauty, life and all it has to offer.
Lelemba: Tell us more about what you do and your family?
Dawn: I’m an inspirational  gospel singer, who believes until you stop thinking there must be solutions to any challenge you may face.  Music is my life. I have lived and breathed it, till I am music and music is me. My family are even more energetic than I am, so all round they are really supportive of what I do.
Lelemba: When did you immigrate to England and why?
Dawn: Lol. I moved a few years ago. I made the move  to broaden my horizon As simple as that sounds it has many Facets to it. I’m a really curious person so I love discovering different cultures and this shaped my decision.
Lelemba: Did you find difficulty making your career take off in a new country?
Dawn: Yes Lele very difficult. The settling down period for anyone who moves to a new country is 3 years at least to really plant roots! Every thing you know and love is not within sight anymore. It can also be really lonely when you’ve got no friends around you. You sink or swim lol.
Lelemba: I agree about that 3 year period – it is just about the same ‘settling period’ that we experienced too. Tell us about your latest release, what’s the song about and how did it come about? 
Dawn: Well when you look around you, you find a lot of pain, I wanted to depict what goes on every where, every day in different areas in this wonderful world we live in. The song is about some one who is having a difficult time, but if you reach out help will find you. There is always help if we can only believe.
Lelemba: What genre?
Dawn: Slow rock. The words I write are structured to bring relief, joy and laughter to my listeners.
Lelemba: Its a stunning video, where was it recorded?
Dawn: It was done here in UK and was produced by Media Mind.

Lelemba: What challenges have you faced in life and how did you overcome?
Dawn: I had challenges for a while but I wasn’t sure what was killing me, the worry or what I was going through.  You see if you take your mind off the problem and channel your thoughts to goals you would like to attain then the problem shrinks haha!
Lelemba: LOL! I agree! Sometimes the worry is worse than the issue!
Dawn: Don’t worry I’m also Encouraging myself! LOL!
Lelemba: What highlights have you had in your life?
Dawn: When people say they are blessed by my work – that’s the best!
Lelemba: What/who inspires you?
Dawn: Wow there are so many people out there doing massive things that you can learn from. I’ve read a lot of biographies like Lakshmi Mittal, Will Smith etc and they were all so inspiring. So I learn from them and push myself also. No actually I’m brutal with my self:).
Lelemba: What are your future plans?
Dawn: To work at becoming the best at what I do for myself and others that listen to me. So I’m producing quality for my listeners… and I’m here to stay.
Lelemba: That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing your story with us! I am sure it will encourage others out there

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