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New Female Focused VC Fund


Enygma Ventures, the only Venture Capital fund to focus on investing in women entrepreneurs in the SADC region is proud to announce its official launch, October 2019. The US-based fund is a unique purpose driven investment fund, founded by award winning entrepreneurs Sarah & Jacob Dusek, aimed at empowering, mentoring, and capitalizing outstanding female entrepreneurs in Southern Africa.

Women entrepreneurs have traditionally been woefully underfunded with only 2% of all Venture Capital in the US going to women. In Africa 47% of businesses are owned by women yet very few scale or have access to appropriate capital sources. Enygma Ventures will empower women to help level the playing field, by closing the gap for funding for women in Southern Africa. Unlike many African focused Venture Capital funds, Enygma Ventures will have a wide sector focus so that businesses that are not primarily tech businesses will also have opportunities to be funded.

With an initial fund of over R100,000,000 Enygma Ventures is looking for outstanding female entrepreneurs whose businesses have the capability to grow and scale, and who are interested to explore raising additional capital for their business. Sarah Dusek said “I know how difficult it can be for women to think big because we have had so few role models to follow. I also understand the unique struggles and challenges of building a big business, having been a founder and CEO myself. We want to help women think big. We will create flexible financial solutions for them with efficient and strategic deployment of capital whilst also providing helpful tailored support.”

Working in conjunction with local partner Lelemba Phiri at the Africa Trust Group, Enygma Ventures is excited to create a unique partnership adding on the ground holistic support, access to networks, accountability, and strategic direction through the Africa Trust Group. Lelemba Phiri notes “We are so excited about this strategic partnership as it validates the enormous potential of female entrepreneurs in the region and the opportunities that exist to invest in them.” The Africa Trust Group will support successful applicants through an Investor Ready program after a successful application to Enygma Ventures.

For more information please visit www.enygmaventures.com

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