I love money and people. From an early age I knew I would work with money because I was always advising friends and family about how to use their money or making deals between my siblings for money! J I went on to study accounting as a result and I loved it. However after my first few years working in the corporate environment, I realized that the idea of simply sitting behind a desk calculating was not very appealing to me because I missed interacting with people. I enjoy talking, writing, reading and sharing experiences with others. I believe there is a lot to be learnt from one another for mutual benefit when we decide to be open minded. And so with some encouragement, I decided to pursue what I believe is my mission in life and that is to educate people about money and empower them to enrich themselves

I work with professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses as well and individual and family households, to teach them the rules of money and how developing healthy financial habits could turn their financial lives around for the better. My team and I further support them with putting what they have learnt into practice, according to their needs and goals. Being financial savvy  is both knowing the rules and applying them.

I believe in abundance and that there is enough of everything for everyone! Let’s share experiences and talk about money and financial management here!

Do you have questions about money? Feel free to ask away! Would you like to share your insights about money? I would love to hear them! Let’s get the ball rolling!

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