Xtraordinary Women

Xtraordinary Women is a company that is dedicated to empowering Women. They assist Women in finding their passion and creative power.

They also facilitate the transition process from the workplace to running your own profitable business. They do this through providing you with content and events that are designed to inspire and support you through every aspect of living your life on purpose..

Xtraordinary Women and its founder Gwen Kloppers played a pivotal role in helping Lelemba get started on her personal mission to educating, empowering and enriching people. They can help you too! Contact them TODAY!  CLICK HERE

Financial Management Tips in the Xtraordinary Snippets

Xtraordinary Snippets is the inspiring monthly newsletter by Xtraordinary Women.

Lelemba writes monthly financial tips for this awesome newsletter. Catch up on these tips here

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