Savour Life!

I’ve been told often at different stages of my life: “Ndipo iwe ula lopola life” (best effort translation: “You really know how to do/savour/eat life”) ????.

My response has always been: “What else is there to lopola/savour? Are we guaranteed anything but the NOW? Why wait ‘until’ the perfect time, body, relationship, family, bank balance, job, house or whatever… to live life? What if ‘it’ never happens?”

My mum died after a very short illness when I was 16. She was only 44. I was heading back to boarding school and my last words to her when I left her hospital bed thinking- it’s just another illness- were “I love you”. She nodded acknowledgement.

When my uncle rocked up at my school a few days later, I instinctively knew what had happened and though it felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest – I regretted NOTHING because our parting interaction said it all.

So yes we all have problems. Yes we all get dealt some tough cards on the way. Yes sometimes it is unfair and downright hard and yes there’s so much wrong and its ok to get upset about it … and yet there’s also SO MUCH RIGHT.

We can’t control everything (and frankly speaking we’d probably make a fine mess of it if we could) so why not CHOOSE GRATITUDE for WHAT IS. For NOW. For WHAT WE HAVE. And truly SAVOUR life. Lopola it to the fullest. And regret nothing…
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