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Investing Time in Others

IMG_3722I had an amazing experience today. I had the privilege of being invited by The Creative Leadership Consultancy to participate in a “leadership walk” where participants on a leadership development program they are running at the Graduate School of Business are paired with key business leaders to share insights, life experiences and most importantly invest time with them.

I was paired with Sizwe, a young and ambitious director from Johannesburg and we spent the time walking through Green Point Park (my first time there- what magnificence! ????) all the way to the promenade, talking about any and everything for 1hr30.

His parting words were “I hope that one day I too will get invited to spend time with young leaders to inspire them as you have done for me”… Makes you think just how we underestimate the power of investing time in others. It’s easier to always think of investment in people in terms of money and yet both are so important.

IMG_3725I walked away feeling so re-energized: we had covered 5.5km walking in the most beautiful park (exercise for the day – check), I received a sweet gift of a Dr Seuss book from him (which will be my bed time reading for tonight – check) and most importantly I made a new friend ????. Super grateful to CLC for the invite ????

So I challenge you: Who will you invest your time in this week?


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