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Lessons from my kids

Lessons from my kids: How an ‘average weekend’ in our home ended in some really valuable lessons from my kids on pursing one’s passion beyond limitations and the importance of authenticity in relationships


1. Mwenda is very passionate about sport. However due to serious health reasons, he can’t actively participate in it. I remember his frustration about getting easily tired and not being able to run and play as hard as everyone else when he was younger and our needing to explain why he needed to pace himself. ????

This ‘limitation’ however didn’t kill his passion for sport. He has avidly followed it over the years and is fanatical about all things sports from swag to video games!

This year he decided to take his passion a step further and volunteered to manage the U14A soccer team. This has seen him heading off to sports practice during break time and several weekends helping to prepare them for the event of the year, Derby day, which was this weekend. It was awesome seeing him paint his face in school colors, kit up and head off to support his team. ????

– The result: The team won 5-1.
– Lesson: Limitations are only limitations when we choose not to see the opportunities they provide us and allow them to kill our passion


2. Mwai is a proudly self proclaimed geek who spends a lot of time indoors learning broadly- above and beyond his grade requirements and creating content for his YouTube channel. He’s unapologetic about who he is; is a straight-talker and doesn’t unnecessarily go out of his way to people please. Because of this, I used to worry about his ability to make friends. ????

During the week a kid from the house behind ours, peeped over the fence and saw him busy focused on his iPad. He jumped over, introduced himself and they made friends. Next day another kid from next door, jumped over and joined them too. Overhearing their interactions, I was cringing at some of the straight-statements Mwai was making like “If you continue fighting, I will ask you to go home.”

However by the end of the weekend they were all confidently echoing a lot his statements “No fighting or you’ll go home!” ????

– The result: 3 boys, happily interacting all weekend, with clear expectations of each other
– Lesson: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. People are more comfortable when they know who you are than dealing with a wishy-washy person.


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