A Special Tribute to My Body

For me being physically empowered means not just looking but feeling my best. It means being happy and feeling confident about the way I look. It means caring enough about my body to listen to it and loving it enough to nurture it in the best way I can.

My body is my temple. It is the sacred vessel from which I operate. My body is my faithful best friend, the one that has been with me from the moment I entered the earth and will be with me the moment I exit. How can I not appreciate it?


My body serves me well. It gives me constant feedback about my state of being. It tells me when I am doing the things that are ‘good’ for me by way of being vibrant and energized. It warns me to sit up and pay a little more attention to the moment by way of ‘gut feelings.’ It tells me when I need nourishment, hydration and replenishment by way of hunger, thirst and tiredness. It nudges me when I am ‘out of balance’, doing  too much at the same or falling out of gratitude by way of illness. How can I not love this faithful friend? 

My body gives me the ability to experience pleasure and express my love physically with my husband. It allowed me the honour to carry two miracles within it from conception to birth and experience the beautiful pain of welcoming those miracles to life in the form of my sons. How can I not honour it?

My body is the only hardware I have for my software. It is a piece of divinity. Specially created by God in His very own likeness just for me. Unique in every sense, the only one of its kind. Perfectly created, from toe to crown. How can I not be in awe of it?


Whether it chose me or I chose it or God put us together at birth, I love my body and I am grateful for it. It is therefore my greatest privilege and honour to exercise it to keep it strong; feed it well to keep it nourished; hydrate it to keep it functioning and rest it to recharge it.

So today I make a pledge to my body. I will thank it every single morning that I wake up for being with me yet another day and giving me the chance to serve my life’s mission with it.

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