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Time to Review, Reflect and Reset

I just love this time of year! It provides a much needed opportunity to review ones past year, reflect on what you are most grateful for and reset plans for the new year.

As a family we love to sit down at the end of each year to review what came to pass from our vision boards for that year; share what we were most grateful for in the year; and build our vision boards for the coming year. To learn more about how we create our vision boards click here to read an article I wrote about it in 2014.

We have found this to be such a magical exercise as it’s usually easier for most people to remember the down moments and make blanket statements like, “it was a tough year” or “I didn’t achieve much”, forgetting any lessons we learnt from those ‘down moments’, overlooking the many strides we took towards our goals and ignoring the special moments we had.

Sitting down to review and share what we’re grateful for helps us to appreciate even the simple moments and not take each other, our health, our work, our families and friends and our lives in general for granted.

It was REALLY hard summarizing my 2016 highlights into a 3:30min video as they were so many magical moments but I really wanted to share these with you to encourage you to reflect on all the good in your life and thank you for contributing to the magic in mine!

Watch My 2016 Highlights video here  


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