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A Special 10th Wedding Anniversary message to my husband Sandras


Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary my sugar-sugar Sandras ❤????. On this special day I want to share 10 reasons why I love you:

1. You’re my best friend: The first person I run to when I’m giddy with the excitement of good news and in whose arms I lay when hurting. I don’t just love you. I like you a lot my cowboy! ????

2. You’re an equal partner: Fully present to both home and business duties. I’m super grateful that I never have to worry about our home and children when I travel because ‘you got this!’ ????

3. You’re a great dad: Thank you for being a great example to our boys of how a man loves and leads his wife and family. Our future daughters in law will be lucky to have these fellas! ????

4. You fearlessly challenge me: Whether I want to hear it or not, you challenge me to keep growing and improving. From exercise and healthier living to questioning my assumptions and thinking, you’re a super dedicated coach! ????

5. You selflessly support me: Sheryl Sandberg was onto something when she said ‘The choice of partner is the single most important career decision a woman can make.’ Thank you for being a fantastic career choice that supports my growth and ambition! What a guy! ????

6. You’re my learning, praying and business partner: From exposing me to some of the greatest teachers and books, to being our family prayer steward, to being by my side on every business adventure- I wouldn’t be where I am without you! ????

7. You make me laugh: You’re still so silly! Still the crazy cowboy from downstairs that stole my heart and makes me laugh till my ribs hurt! Still the guy that knows just what to say to put a smile back on my face. ☺

8. You’re crazy and adventurous: The last 10years have only been sooo exciting because you encourage me to be more adventurous, spontaneous and to leap in faith. I actually think I’m quite boring when you’re not around ????

9. You’re hot: Just look at you! Damn dude! ????????

10. You chose me: Yep! You’re the guy that decided to honor me and ‘take the plates’ to my family. You’re the guy that loves both my ‘nice’ and my ‘crazy’. You’re the guy that decided to walk this journey with me… ????

And for these and so much more- I love you and always will. Happy Anniversary ????


For the reader: See our journey from 10years+ ago in pictures on this link

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