This section is a celebration of all the women out there in all the shapes, sizes and colours that we come in! Let’s talk love, life, Africa, God, the world, money, men, yeast…and everything that makes us tick. Let’s share our successes and failures, our ups and downs, ins and outs in our roles as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends etc and empower each other in the process…

D.I.V.A. of the Month Feature

The D.I.V.A. of the Month is a celebration of our unsung heroes – The African D.I.V.A.S!
These are African Women from all over the world who are living the D.I.V.A. lifestyle!

A D.I.V.A. is:

D – Determined and Daring,
I – Inspired and Intelligent,
V – Vibrant and Victorious,
A – Authentic, Action-oriented African.

I believe we as African Women all possess these awesome qualities. We have come a long way as a people and have overcome many obstacles to get to where we are today! We deserve a round of applause!

Each month I will personally hand-pick and feature one African Woman for D.I.V.A. of the Month. These are everyday African Women who are doing what it takes to get ahead in the various areas of life! These are women who are not sitting around making excuses and hoping change will come. They are the change!

Read their stories and get inspired…

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