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Hi there! Welcome to my website!

I am Lelemba, the Financial D.I.V.A. and I am glad you dropped by. I am a Financial educator, Social entrepreneur, Keynote speaker and Writer. My mission is to educate and empower people globally to enrich themselves and transform their lives, communities and economies by developing healthy personal finance habits. I love people, I love money and I love life! Read my portfolio here.

This website will give you further insight into what I do and how it can benefit you! It will also give you insight into my life as a woman, wife, mother and friend as I share my thoughts with you on these equally important roles of my life in my blog posts.

I will also use this platform to celebrate our unsung heroes – The African D.I.V.A.S! These are African Women from all over the world who are living the D.I.V.A. lifestyle!

A D.I.V.A. is:

D – Determined and Daring,
I – Inspired and Intelligent,
V – Vibrant and Victorious,
A – Authentic, Action-oriented African.

I believe we as African Women all possess these awesome qualities. We have come a long way as a people and have overcome many obstacles to get to where we are today! We deserve a round of applause! The Women blog is for all of us and will do just that!

Each month I will personally hand-pick and feature one African Woman for D.I.V.A of the month. These are everyday African Women who are doing what it takes to get ahead in the various areas of life! Read their stories and get inspired here .

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings by leaving your comments on the pages or emailing me directly on [email protected] .

I am always grateful to hear from you.

I wish you the very best on your financial journey!

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