D.I.V.A of the Month – October 2010

D.I.V.A of the Month – October 2010
Nikki Botha from Cape Town, South Africa discusses her exciting life as a Civil Society Activist who focuses on human and animal development!

Nikki Botha

Lelemba: Who is Nikki?
Nikki: Who is Nikki? Can’t you ask easy questions?! 😉
This is a very difficult question to answer Lele! If someone had to ask that question, I suppose the answer would be that sh*t stirrer from Cape Town, the one who likes to wear killer heels and loves animals; the one with the big mouth who always has her finger in some or other pie. And hopefully the person asking the question will know who the other person is talking about J

Lelemba: Would the person answering this be spot on?
Nikki: Probably – although I don’t view myself as a sh*t stirrer or as having a big mouth. I say it as it is and often people can’t deal with that – and I think that is where the perception of being a stirrer and having a big mouth comes from. If I disagree with something, I am not going to simply accept what is being sold – especially when it has a negative impact on the lives of earthlings. And if I see injustice, I am not simply going to turn a blind eye. We each have a responsibility to speak out and speak up. And if people don’t like that, it says more about them than it does about me.

Lelemba: It is clear that you are passionate about animals; what are some of the organizations that you are involved with and what is your role?
 Nikki: I sit on the board of the South African Mass Sterilization Trust, on the board of the Darwin Primate Group, I do PR for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society South Africa, I am a working member of Earthlife Africa, I am the South African ambassador for the Penlain Foundation, I represent the South African Rat Fan Club in Cape Town, I am a working member of Fur Free South Africa and I help out with campaigns, activism and general issues as needed for various organisations around the world as and when needed.

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