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Do you know that each of us is sitting on a GOLDMINE and can cash in on it ANYTIME we need money? In this lesson Lelemba answers the NUMBER 1 QUESTION that she gets from participants in her workshops: 

This lesson teaches you step by step how to DISCOVER YOUR GOLDMINE and make money ANYTIME!

Access to the lessons is BY ORDER ONLY and distribution is exclusively via (downloadable versions) or via the African D.I.V.A.s affiliates and partners (hardcopy version).

Hard copy: ZAR 120/ ZMK 120,000
Downloadable:  $12

Listen to Sneak Peak 1: I am Responsible!

Listen to Sneak Peak 2: Discover Your Physical Goldmine

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In this lesson pack you will get:

  • A CD/Audio download where Lelemba gives you step-by-step instructions for how to discover your own personal goldmine and ‘cash in’ ANYTIME you need money. She further uses personal examples for how she herself applies these same principles into her own life to ensure she is never short of cash
  • A workbook that details how other women in Lelemba’s inner circle are also applying these principles into their own lives and enjoying the benefits right here in Africa! This workbook challenges you to examine your own life and decide which tools you will put into action and be on your way to enjoying abundance and prosperity
  • Ongoing advice from Lelemba on HOT financial topics tailored just for you*
  • FREE online resources to help you make smart financial decisions*

*Please note that you will only get access to these special features on when you get a copy of the lesson pack and can verify access with your special code

Hard copy: ZAR 120/ ZMK 120,000
Downloadable:  $12

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“I am very inspired. The timing is fantastic! I am at a  point in my life where financial discipline is something I absolutely need. I leave empowered and motivated. You have a gift and you are using it brilliantly. Thank you for sharing.” Chola Lungu-Mutoni

“It has been inspiring and a lot of new things learnt. Finally I can be on the same wave length as my financially savvy husband. Keep up the good work… and I won a diary! Woohoo!” Barbara Sichizya

“What a fantastic start to the year!! I am so worth it, I am so deserving, I am so wealthy for having spent this time with you, Lelemba! You have opened my mind to things which were probably there but have given me a new perspective. You have taught me that ‘Financial Management” is simple! It is easy, it is made up of small words. It is doable. I am responsible. I am capable. I am valuable! Thank You 10,000 times over!” Cheryl Benjamin

“The Financial D.I.V.A is a natural speaker! I was in awe at the Financial Boot Camp.  I had so much fun learning about finances, a subject I usually procrastinate about. I loved that she did not talk numbers all day but showed the practicality of having a financial acumen in our personal and business lives.  She made finances fun! And learning always takes place when having fun.  The Cashflow game was awesome! I can’t wait to play it again and it was a wonderful way to cement the knowledge we gained during the day.  I would definitely recommend it to any person wanting to empower themselves financially.” Camilla Hazell

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