D.I.V.A of the Month – January 2011

D.I.V.A of the Month – January 2010
Zipiwe Banda from London, England tells us about how deciding to become more health and fitness conscious, transformed her life!

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Lelemba: Who is Zipiwe?
Zipiwe: I am a 34year old Finance Professional that is fun, loving, a risk taker and an avid health and fitness conscious individual.

Lelemba: I like how you put it, ‘avid health and fitness conscious individual’. Has this always been the case? If not what prompted the lifestyle change and when was it?
Zipiwe: No, this has not always been the case. My reasons are twofold. Firstly, I lost my Father to a stroke which was accelerated by a heart attack. The words that constantly rung in my head when he suffered the heart attack were ‘If only he was a bit more “ACTIVE” and was not on the big side, he wouldn’t have suffered this heart attack.’ I didn’t do anything about changing my lifestyle immediately then, until I broke up with the love of my life (well I thought he was anywayJ). I needed a diversion from losing my dad and this bloke and I wandered into a gym in 2005. I have never looked back since. Funny how we hear everything happens for a reason.

Lelemba:  You look absolutely fabulous! If you don’t mind telling us how much weight did you lose over this period?
Zipiwe: In total I have lost 3 Stone [Approximately 19kg] since I took my health and fitness seriously. To put it in clothes size I have dropped from a UK 16 to a UK 8 .That is 4 dress sizes!

Read the rest of Zipiwe’s story here.

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