D.I.V.A of the Month – January 2011

D.I.V.A of the Month – January 2010
Zipiwe Banda from London, England tells us about how deciding to become more health and fitness conscious, transformed her life!

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Lelemba: Who is Zipiwe?
Zipiwe: I am a 34year old Finance Professional that is fun, loving, a risk taker and an avid health and fitness conscious individual.

Lelemba: I like how you put it, ‘avid health and fitness conscious individual’. Has this always been the case? If not what prompted the lifestyle change and when was it?
Zipiwe: No, this has not always been the case. My reasons are twofold. Firstly, I lost my Father to a stroke which was accelerated by a heart attack. The words that constantly rung in my head when he suffered the heart attack were ‘If only he was a bit more “ACTIVE” and was not on the big side, he wouldn’t have suffered this heart attack.’ I didn’t do anything about changing my lifestyle immediately then, until I broke up with the love of my life (well I thought he was anywayJ). I needed a diversion from losing my dad and this bloke and I wandered into a gym in 2005. I have never looked back since. Funny how we hear everything happens for a reason.

Lelemba:  You look absolutely fabulous! If you don’t mind telling us how much weight did you lose over this period?
Zipiwe: In total I have lost 3 Stone [Approximately 19kg] since I took my health and fitness seriously. To put it in clothes size I have dropped from a UK 16 to a UK 8 .That is 4 dress sizes!

Read the rest of Zipiwe’s story here.

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  1. Judith

    I am truly inspired by this beautiful woman and I shall be joining the boot camp soon enough (water first as advised though!)

  2. sandra mbolela

    very inspiration, well done zipiwe you deserve it! am trully inspired and am taking a page from your story and hitting the gym.thanks alot

  3. Njavwa Siwingwa Sikazwe

    You have really inspired me. I have been going to the gym but am not getting the resuilts i want and you have made me realise that i need to change my diet too. Thanks

  4. lulu chama

    I have know Ziphiwe for over 10yrs and she is the most loving and hard working person. I used to tease her about her size 16 and then I was a uk 8, now tables have turned and am a uk 16. I have turned to her for advice and she has given me alot of advise and is putting me on the right track for 2011. Just seeing her in this picture brings tears to my eyes. Go Zee!!!

  5. Hope

    Truely inspirational. I once was also quite big. After my second child I moved from a 6/8 to a 16. then reached 18 after the third child. I remember meeting very close friends and had to actually introduce myself as they could only see some similarities but couldn’t believe it was me. VERY DEPRESSING. dieting was not working at all. I was barely eating but gaining fast. till I read a motivating story about going on your own pace and being focused and with Simba (a trainer at Chrisma who died MHSRIP) I moved to size 10 in less than two years. Well now I need to get back as the pounds have piled up again. Go ladies!!!

  6. Sanda Sitko

    Zippy you are a true inspiration for people around you!!!
    I’ve always admired you for your ambition and determination to achieve personal and professional success. You are a smart, fun loving person.
    You’ve brought the Purchase Team together making us feel like a one big family and at the same time you’ve provided us with moral and professional support throughout our sometimes unbearable working routine  What I mostly admire you for is your exhilarating energy given by your very healthy and active lifestyle.I will hit the gym very soon!Please don’t forget about me when you’ll have your first fitness DVD. I want one!!!Keep it up Zippy!

  7. Winta Teckle

    I’ve Known Zipi for about 8-9years, we worked together at Travco and i have witnessed first hand the changes in her lifestyle. When I first meet Zi she was still with her boyfriend, she was unhappy about her weight and life in general. Breaking up with him didn’t help her much with her confidence. In time she started to believe her life was meant for living and she was the one in control and had all the power to change. It started with small things like giving up fizzy drinks, sweets, junk food. Before she started the exercises she felt the difference, this gave her the push to go to the gym and in no time the weight was dropping off. She started to laugh and enjoy life again and you can see herself confidence has change, simply by they way she started to dress. She is an example to everyone who are unhappy with their lifestyle. what we can all learn from this unless you get up and do something about it, it won’t change by it self.
    Keep going Zi, very proud of your achievement.
    God bless

  8. Carlene

    This woman is truely inspirational. I have known her for the past four years and have admire her determintaion in keep fit. I am so proud of you my friend.

  9. Mariola

    Amazing story from an amazing woman. You are an achiver and here you are with a new goal, setting up a boot camp, I truly believe that pretty soon you will have your camp running. Keep it this way, inspiring woman around the globe.Congratulations.

  10. Marieta Boiadjieva

    I have known Zipi for 2 years only but this time was enough to realize how special she is, full of energy, extremely organised and at the same time so fun to be with. So very well done Zipi – keep yourself inspired and keep going my friend!!!

  11. Zipiwe Banda

    WOW ….This is trully humbling ..Thank you all for your very kind words..Actual tears in my eyes ..If there was ever a doubt in my mind to carry on with my quest it has well and trully been erased.Thank-you to all for your support and most importantly to “The Financial Diva” for giving me the extra confidence by publishing my Journey.Your brilliant work speaks for itself yet again.

  12. Bridget

    I’ve known Zi since i was old enough to talk, she’s always been my older sis, and she truly is an extremely determined and hardworking woman.

    Am greatly inspired by the way she’s just managed to transform her body from the “big mama” we used to know, to the now “perfect model”…really Amazing!!
    You’ll be surprised the next time you see me, those tips you’ve been giving me are yielding incredible results and I aint stopping!!

    You go girl!!

  13. ndolanga

    i’ve been truely inspired by both my girls Zipiwe and Lelemba so change my eating habits and live a better healthy life not only for myself but for my family espeacially by children Chakomba and Tatenda. Am taking the challenge with the help of my oldest dearest friend Zipiwe…. thanks for the advise and faith you have in me …. God bless you love

  14. ndolanga

    i’ve been truely inspired by both my girls Zipiwe and Lelemba to change my eating habits and live a better healthy life not only for myself but for my family espeacially by children Chakomba and Tatenda. Am taking the challenge with the help of my oldest dearest friend Zipiwe…. thanks for the advise and faith you have in me …. God bless you love

  15. Kangwa

    wow this is great. i have been looking for a workout dvd for my post delivery exercise. i thought to myself..why buy celebrity dvd’s when there’s Zipiwe to give me one of her routines. if u have a dvd i will gladly buy it or take an online session. very proud of you, you look amazing!!!i hope i will look like that too when we are done.

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