Thank You from Woman to Woman!

Happy 2011 Everyone!

I would like to kick off this year on a ‘gratitude’ note.

A few weeks ago, my friend Lomthunzi and I were discussing the fabulous dynamics of friendship amongst women. We’ve been friends for well over 15 years (OMW! That sounds long! :D) and though we live miles apart (me in South Africa and she in Japan currently) we still keep in touch regularly and are as close as ever.

We talked about how great it would be if we as women learnt to genuinely appreciate one another and build each other more! I mean just think about it; a woman by nature is so dynamic! Her strength, abilities and capacity are phenomenal. She plays so many roles and makes it look effortless! How much more would she be able to achieve if she had the genuine appreciation, encouragement and support of others just like her?

We thought the results would be pretty astronomical. I for one attribute a lot of my ‘successes’ to the wonderful relationships I have in my life and more so the relationships with other women (am sure the men in my life completely understand this 🙂 ). And so we decided to kick off 2011 with this ‘Thank You from Woman to Woman!’ segment!

In this section I encourage you to acknowledge and/or say thank you (or any other word of kindness or encouragement) to a woman (or women) that have made a difference in your life. Please feel free to also say whatever it is they said or did that you are most grateful for if you like and let’s see how many women are encouraged as a result!

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