D.I.V.A of the Month – December 2010

 D.I.V.A of the Month – December 2010
Jité Kloppers, the dynamic 16 year old entrepreneur from Cape Town South Africa tells us about dreaming big and making it happen!

Lelemba: Who is Jite?
Jité: I am a fun loving person who loves animals. I love first aid which is a sport that I do at school and I am in the first team. I am quite shy at public speaking but I have gotten better at it because my mom [Gwen Kloppers the CEO & Founder of Xtraordinary Women] makes me stand up and speak at her breakfasts and cocktail evenings to tell people about my business.

Lelemba: That’s great. So you are still in school right? What grade are you doing and which school do you go to?
Jité: I am finishing off grade 10 at the moment and so I am busy with exams. I go to Table View High School.

Lelemba: All the best with your exams . Now you are also an entrepreneur. Can you tell us about your business? When and how did you start?
Jité: I own a business called Pinn’d which makes 25mm customized button badges. I started 4 years ago in grade 7 when I told myself that I need to find a way to make more pocket money. I saw that there was a market for button badges that kids of all ages had on their blazers, jackets and school bags. So I decided to make badges that can be customized to their own liking. It all started from there… And now my clients include small businesses as they use the badges for marketing.

Read the rest of Jité’s story here.

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