D.I.V.A of the Month – November 2010

D.I.V.A of the Month – November 2010
Lomthunzi from Zambia tells us about letting go of a toxic friendship and leaving home to live in Osaka, Japan!


Lelemba: Who is Lomthunzi?
Lomthunzi: I am a 29 year old Investment Analyst, civil servant and entrepreneur from Zambia.

Lelemba: So you come from Zambia but are currently living in Osaka, Japan; how did that happen?
Lomthunzi: I got a scholarship to do a programme with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am currently living in Osaka which is the third largest city by population in Japan. I have to mention that I was in this very city last year for 6 weeks in another part of Osaka doing a program in Foreign Direct Investment with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). So I am not really new to this place. This time round, I have been here since October and my programme runs till mid next year.

Lelemba: How is the experience so far?
Lomthunzi: The experience has been “Totemo Omoshiroi desu”- that is Japanese for “very interesting”. It is enlightening to experience Japanese people and culture and also to dispel some myths and negative beliefs that other people have about the Japanese people and Japan as a country. I mean who knew that a typical hard working Japanese person can also let their hair down and belt out a couple of popular songs at some Karaoke club. Karaoke is very popular in Japan by the way; it is often used as a means to break the ice amongst new colleagues.

Read the rest of Lomthunzi’s story here.

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