The Empress Fund

Access to finance for women entrepreneurs on the continent is still a challenge with prohibitive terms and conditions that prevent their growth. The Empress Fund is an Angel investment fund established by a syndicate group of high net-worth individuals from across the African continent and diaspora, to invest in the growth of women-owned and women-enabling businesses.

The Fund is managed by Africa Trust Group based in Cape Town, South Africa and specializes in innovative financing vehicles from $1000 to $50,000 for women-owned and women-enabling businesses in SADC.

“It is important for us as investors to be increasingly innovative in the financing vehicles we employ to support women’s businesses. As an investor group, providing different types of financing for the differing business needs is what sets us apart. We also strongly believe locally produced goods that create value chains are best and should be prioritized over imports.”  says Regional Chairperson for the syndicate group Ms Faith Mukutu

The fund seeks to invest in businesses that have the potential to create extensive value chains that support other women-owned businesses.

Current Portfolio:
1. Sage Valley Zambia

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