Can I do business with family members?
December, 2017 No Comments Uncategorized
It’s holiday season 💃🏾. Means I have some time on my hands to answer and share some of the most recurring questions that I receive so keep them coming: ❓Question 1: “Can I go into business with family members?” ...
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What Do You Stand For?
December, 2017 1 Comment Cover Stories, My Gratitude Journal
“When you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” – Unknown I stand for Women’s leadership and empowerment My husband Sandras stands for personal finance education for economic transformation Our older son Mwenda stands for children’s health and ...
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Excellence in Service
November, 2017 2 Comments Career, Family, My Gratitude Journal, Travel, Uncategorized
The month of October was a rollercoaster of note for our family. We had 2 of the best weeks of our lives touring Europe followed closely by 2 of the worst weeks of our lives nursing our older boy ...
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What is Love?
February, 2017 4 Comments Career, Family, My Gratitude Journal
February, the “month of Love”… Thats a lot of pressure for a lot of people! Those in relationships may feel pressure to ‘impress and shine’ on Valentine’s Day by doing what they haven’t done before in the past for loved ...
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Time to Review, Reflect and Reset
January, 2017 No Comments Career, Cover Stories, Family, My Gratitude Journal
I just love this time of year! It provides a much needed opportunity to review ones past year, reflect on what you are most grateful for and reset plans for the new year. As a family we love to sit down ...
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Taking wise counsel on the journey
August, 2016 No Comments Career, Cover Stories, My Gratitude Journal
Last Friday I was privileged to be invited to speak on Zoona’s $15m Series B fundraise and how we are gearing up for our next growth phase on Finweek’s Money Matters Program on CNBC Africa. Being in the studios reminded me ...
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