Dear Entrepreneur, please learn how to pitch succinctly

Dear #entrepreneur,
Please learn how to pitch succinctly.

Remember that apart from being an investor, I am also a mum, wife, entrepreneur and academic.

1. This means I do not have all day to:

a. Read your 30 page pitch/business plan (this has happened several times before)

b. Have a call with every entrepreneur to ‘discuss your business’

c. Go back and forth with you 100 times just to get you to clarify what you are saying

d. Respond to messages like ‘contact me for potential mutual business interest’ etc

2. Please help me to help you ??

– I receive on average 20 pitches a day through various platforms.

– I have 1hour every day set aside to scan through pitches on every platform including facebook.

– This gives me approx 3mins or less to look at each one.

– Your pitch needs to be succinct and include the most important information

3. What we need to see in one short paragraph:

i. What problem are you solving?

ii. How are you solving it and what makes you unique?

iii. How do you make money and how big is your market?

iv. What have you done so far and with who?

v. How much do you need and for what?

Remember, most investors are bombarded with pitches all day and your ability to give the key information in a brief manner will set you up for better success

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