Dear Entrepreneur, Get an Online Presence

After a long day of assessing hundreds of #entrepreneur applications for #funding – my top piece of advice today to entrepreneurs is:

⚠️ “If you’re looking for funding – work on your online presence, please.” 🙏🏾

➡️ Access to finance has become easier for entrepreneurs with investors from all over the world looking to invest in Africa.
➡️ Last year alone $4.3bn was invested in Startups on the continent and a lot of this was done remotely due to travel restrictions
➡️ You can make it easier for investors to ‘get to know you faster’ by having some online presence. This doesn’t mean an expensive website, no. A one page site or even a LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram page with your products and business activities helps as a first step to “meet you” when we can’t physically meet you.

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