Friendship Under Fire – Destiny Magazine June 2012

Relationships and Money

In the second D.I.V.A.s Classroom Lesson (to be released at the end of June 2012) we will be discussing ‘Relationships and Money’. This will cover 5 key relationships:

1. Husband and Wife                   2. Boyfriend and Girlfriend                       3. Parents and Children

4. Friends                                   5. Extended family

How can we successfully deal with money in these key relationships without causing unnecessary headaches, strife and alienation? That is what this lesson will cover and will include interviews with people who are successfully dealing with money in these relationships.

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In the meantime feel free to download Gillian Bloch’s article which appears in June’s edition of Destiny Magazine. Lelemba was interviewed for her opinion on mixing business with friendship. ENJOY!

If you have slow internet speeds or can’t load Adobe flash player, then download a copy of the article here

Friendship Under Fire – Part 1

Friendship Under Fire – Part 2


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