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Do you want to have Lelemba as a Keynote Speaker at your event? Would you like her to host a workshop for you, your friends or employees? Would you like to be personally coached by Lelemba on a one-on-one or group setting?

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Facilitation fee: R3,500/hr

  • Discounted day fee (8hrs): R16,000
  • Tailor-making fee (if applicable) including handbooks: R5,000/Workshop
  • Travel, accommodation and handbook printing at client’s expense


One on One Coaching: R1500/hr
Group (minimum 6 people): R450/person/hour


Consultation fee: R3500/hr
Areas of expertise include:

  • Personal and Business Financial Management,
  • Business and Strategy Development
  • Leadership and Talent Development,
  • Capacity Building and Community Development
  • Team and Employee Engagement
  • Risk Management and Controls
  • Work-Life Balance

Inspirational Speaking

Talk fee: R3,500/hr