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Do you want to have Lelemba as a Keynote Speaker at your event? Would you like her to host a workshop for you, your friends or employees? Would you like to be personally coached by Lelemba on a one-on-one or group setting?[vc_empty_space height=”40px”]


1. Workshops

– Facilitation fee: R3,500/hr
– Discounted day fee (8hrs): R16,000
– Tailor-making fee (if applicable) including handbooks: R5,000/Workshop
– Travel, accommodation and handbook printing at client’s expense

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2. Coaching

– One on One Coaching: R1500/hr
– Group (minimum 6 people): R450/person/hour

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3. Inspirational Speaking

– Talk fee: R3,500/hr

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4. Consulting:

Areas of expertise include:

-Personal and Business Financial Management,
-Business and Strategy Development
-Leadership and Talent Development,
-Capacity Building and Community Development
-Team and Employee Engagement
-Risk Management and Controls
-Work-Life Balance
– Consultation fee: R3500/hr

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Reviews For Lelemba’s E-Book

Zenith Malawo
Zenith Malawo - Baltimore MD, USA “I read the whole book and I love the lessons! Thank you for the ideas. We sure love to dream and not act on it. I’ve started to carry packed lunch and get some strange looks coz everyone else eats from the café! Little do they know it is saving me money! Keep us inspired.”
Andrea Rubin
Andrea Rubin - Cape Town, South Africa “Hey Lelemba, Just wanted to say congrats on a FANTASTIC book!!! I am super super excited right now to apply all of those principles to my own life. I have been ‘saving’ for about a year now and unfortunately didn’t have much to show for it as I was unemployed for a while and needed to draw out all my finances. But I feel like I’m back on track now and I am really excited to get going. Thank you so so much!”
Fadzai Munyaradzi
Fadzai Munyaradzi - Cape Town, South Africa “I really enjoyed reading your e-book, made the whole issue of money management less intimidating.”
 Sharon Musambo
Sharon Musambo - Lusaka, Zambia

“Lelemba, I have gone through the e-book & will do it again & again & again. What struck me most was the chapter about service on the part about knowing our worth. Many are the times when I have a service to offer and a client asks me what the service is worth, my answer has always been ‘anything’ & when they pay me that ‘anything’, I go away feeling frustrated! The message is clear. You are a ‘rock breaker’ – young, intelligent & humble. God bless you.”

Zipiwe Banda
Zipiwe Banda - London, UK “Hi Lelemba, I got your E-book thank you so much. Absolutely inspirational.”
Chisanga Chelu
Chisanga Chelu - Johannesburg, South Africa “Thank you for the book. I loved it. Makes interesting reading and gave me a good reminder of where I must be. What struck me was the part on saving and how we are always putting it off because of one reason or the other and how we should put saving as an item in our budget….very very true. And yes of course I have sent it out to family and friends.”
Lorraine Plaatjies
Lorraine Plaatjies - Cape Town, South Africa “Thanks for the book. I will really put it to good use as I’m starting my own business. Thank you again Lelemba”
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