Excellence in Service
November, 2017 2 Comments Career, Family, My Gratitude Journal, Travel, Uncategorized
The month of October was a rollercoaster of note for our family. We had 2 of the best weeks of our lives touring Europe followed closely by 2 of the worst weeks of our lives nursing our older boy in hospital with serious post-operation complications. During both times we ...
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What is Love?
February, 2017 4 Comments Career, Family, My Gratitude Journal
February, the “month of Love”… Thats a lot of pressure for a lot of people! Those in relationships may feel pressure to ‘impress and shine’ on Valentine’s Day by doing what they haven’t done before in the past for loved ones (whether they can afford it or not). Whilst those ...
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Time to Review, Reflect and Reset
January, 2017 No Comments Career, Cover Stories, Family, My Gratitude Journal
I just love this time of year! It provides a much needed opportunity to review ones past year, reflect on what you are most grateful for and reset plans for the new year. As a family we love to sit down at the end of each year to review what came ...
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Lessons from my kids
August, 2016 No Comments Cover Stories, Family, My Gratitude Journal
Lessons from my kids: How an ‘average weekend’ in our home ended in some really valuable lessons from my kids on pursing one’s passion beyond limitations and the importance of authenticity in relationships 1. Mwenda is very passionate about sport. However due to serious health reasons, he can’t actively ...
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Welcome to the revamped look!
March, 2016 No Comments Career, Cover Stories, Family
It’s my 36th birthday today and I am excited to launch the new look for my website. As promised the first post on the revamped look will be to answer some questions that end up in my mailbox. I have picked 4 that I believe will be most useful for ...
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Living authentically and shedding the ‘labels and boxes’
January, 2016 1 Comment Cover Stories, Family, My Gratitude Journal
I received this lovely message in my inbox a couple of days ago from a brilliant and beautiful young lady I met a few years ago whilst she was studying in Cape Town (she since graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics ???? cheers to beauty with ...
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