Xtraordinary Women
July, 2011 No Comments Career
Xtraordinary Women is a company that is dedicated to empowering Women. They assist Women in finding their passion and creative power. They also facilitate the transition process from the workplace to running your own profitable business. They do this through providing you with content and events that are designed to inspire and ...
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Empowering Yourself: Financial
June, 2011 2 Comments Career
DO NOTHING, EARN NOTHING When it comes to money and empowering yourself financially (and just about any other area of life really) the basic principle is ‘Do nothing, Earn nothing’. In order for you to make money, one of the following things has to happen: –           YOU work to ...
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Balancing The Act
May, 2011 7 Comments Career
I often get asked how Sandras and I ‘manage it all’, being parents to two young children, having full time jobs, running SLi and now he is doing an MBA at the Graduate School of Business (University of Cape Town) whilst I’ve been busy setting up a social enterprise ...
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Your Money Questions Answered – Part 4
March, 2011 4 Comments Career, Cover Stories
  Thank you very much for all the ‘money questions’ that you send in. I love to hear from you and I appreciate your contributions because it lets me know exactly what you would like to learn about and ensures that the content on my website is relevant for ...
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My Year End Message – 2010
December, 2010 7 Comments Career, D.I.V.A of the Month
LOOKING BACK AT 2010 When I look back at the year 2010, I can’t help but smile… actually even laugh out loud in some instances J! It was an awesome year filled with great balance; pain and pleasure, lots of hard work and lots of fun, tears and laughter ...
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Videos & Pictures
October, 2010 No Comments Career
February 2014 Mobile Money Expo 2014 March 2014 CNBC Live Phone Interview October 2013 Zoona-Airtel Partnership Launch Lelemba speaking at the Zoona-Airtel Partnership Launch You can download a copy of her speech here: Lelemba’s Zoona-Airtel Partnership Launch Speech January 2012 Week 1: Product Giveaway – Linda’s Guide to Financial ...
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