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Goodbye 2014
December, 2014 2 Comments Career, Cover Stories, Family, My Gratitude Journal
Just finished creating our family dream board for 2015. Thank you Roger James Hamilton for the awesome idea! It was so much fun to share as a family what we want to achieve in the coming year. We spent the first few minutes sharing what we were grateful for in 2014 ...
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Message from Brad Magrath on my first year anniversary as Managing Director for Zoona Zambia
September, 2014 7 Comments Career, Cover Stories, Family, My Gratitude Journal
  Very few things leave me speechless. This message from Brad Magrath, sent to the whole company on my first year anniversary as Managing Director of Zoona Zambia just left me speechless (and of course in tears for those that know me 😀 ). Brad is one of the Founders ...
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The little things that mean a lot…
August, 2014 No Comments Cover Stories, My Gratitude Journal
Received this message in my facebook inbox yesterday and it made my day. Its the little things like this that mean a lot and keep me energized and going. Thank you MMM. To all African girls out there – Your place is ANYWHERE you want it to be! Arise ...
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Gratitude Journal – 9th June to 15th June 2014
June, 2014 2 Comments Career, My Gratitude Journal
An awesome week with so much to be grateful for! Best news of the week was that our younger son Mwai (8yrs old- in orange above) seems to have gotten his soccer mojo back! He loved soccer so much as a toddler that he used to sleep with his ...
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Gratitude Journal – 2nd June to 8th June 2014
June, 2014 6 Comments Career, My Gratitude Journal
This journaling idea came from Mwenda our 12 year old son (right in the middle picture below). He’s a gentle sensitive soul who is sentimental and brings lots of care to the family unit. He makes sure we all remember important dates such as birthdays in the extended family ...
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Mentoring Session 2: Personal Finance Management
June, 2014 No Comments D.I.V.A of the Month
As part of continued efforts towards personal development for the Zoona Zambia staff and following on from feedback from team members for me to spend some time doing some soft skills training, I decided from the month of May to be having monthly mentoring sessions with the Zoona Zambia ...
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